The In and Out scandal

I’m going to float this out there for all of you with conspiracy theories on the brain.  You can take from it what you will.  I haven’t sourced it, I can only draw on what I’ve read and seen on TV, which is as subject to bias as any news report.

One has to ask, why with the violation of election law so blatantly apparent, regardless of the legality of the in and out scheme – the Conservatives still spent over the cap after all – are the Conservatives so dead set on appealing any court decision that comes out of the Elections Canada charges.

A possibility – and again, I’m just floating this – is that an appeal would temporaroly nullify any court decision pending the decision of a higher court.  Meaning that if the in and out scheme was deemed to be illegal, and all the charges upheld, an appeal would nullify that decision, at least until a later date.  With all signs pointing to an upcoming election, the decision to appeal is looking more an more like a political decision and not one hinging on legality at all.

If in and out is illegal, and the decision is nullified, it would essentially create an election season without rules.  Transfers in any amount from federal to local and back again would surely be noted, but even with a court decision against them, an appeal would mean they could not be enforced.

We all know that the Conservatives have more money to spend.  That’s not any secret.  And with no limitations on in and out transfers, the Conservatives would gain a significant advantage, allowing them to pursue with vigour the majority they’ve been seeking for so long.

Protecting cronies and party officials hasn’t exactly been Stephen Harper’s SOP in the past.  We have no reason to believe that has changed now.  Instead, there’s every possibility that this is a purely political decision.  And there’s every reason to believe that as shrewd as it is, and as much as it could end up toppling any majority the Conservatives do gain after a very short time, it may just give them enough time to enact the changes they need to alter the Canadian landscape forever.

Just think about it.