Why not a coalition

Michael Ignatieff announced this morning that he would not attempt to form a coalition government.

For some reason, in Ignatieff’s clearly delusional mind, he thinks he can win more seats than Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. And Iggy continues to back away from legitimate political options because he gets bullied around by rhetoric and spin.

Almost every attack ad you see on TV warns that the Liberals will form a coalition. What people fail to take into account is that those ads are purchased by a political party that is a permanent coalition.

What’s the difference? One pairing changes their name and a colour for lawn signs they can agree on, and the other pairing choose to be identified separately. The diffence is lawn signs and other marketing. That’s all.

The solution to the bullying wasn’t to accept it and turn tail. The solution was to bully the bully. Force Stephen Harper to live up to his word. Force him to admit that it doesn’t matter how many elections Canadians want. Take a coalition. Force Harper to prorogue the government again. Tell him he already leads a coalition minority government. If he wants a coalition minority you can give him one. The colours will be orange and red, you can hyphenate all the letterhead to say “The Iggy-Layton-Duceppe government,” and you can send it off to a bunch of ethnic neighbourhoods looking for some cash.