Careful, You May Be Un-Canadian

For the last few years, we’ve been bombarded with attack ads on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. In case you didn’t know, he didn’t come back for you. Conservatives tell us so.

The point of contention?

Ignatieff went to live and work in the US because it made sense for him. But he came back to be a politician. Presumably in order to rule Canada with an iron intellectually elite American fist.

The problem is, if people are un-Canadian for having left the country, the Conservatives may have just offended some people that Canadians really tend to think highly of.

Lester B. Pearson – 20 years outside Canada, but we name schools after him.
Wayne Gretzky – He took our national game to California. And he’s still not back.
Steve Yzerman – Nepean Ontario’s golden child. Left in the 80s. Now he lives in Tampa.
Michael J. Fox – sure, he visits every now and then, but he’s American now.
Peter Jennings – Used to be on TV in Ottawa way back in the day. Died in 2005 as one of America’s greatest news anchors ever and head of a very talented ABC news room.
Samantha Bee and Jason Jones – On The Daily Show they’ll only very rarely admit they’re Canadian. And can you blame them. Conservatives might have them killed at this point.
Dr. Norman Bethune – He’s an inspirational Canadian historical figure now, but he was a freaking communist and he’s known for his work outside of the country.

There are dozens upon dozens of artists, professionals, politicians, athletes etc. that you can name that have left Canada.

The point is, if Conservatives had their way, there are some pretty awesome Canadians that would be vilified for choosing a successful, adventurous life instead of staying at home to tend the chickens in Canada.

Now, in all fairness, I’m one of those Canadians. Still, I’m here, so don’t tell me I’m evil and my voice doesn’t count.