When do guns break us?

The White House has said that today isn’t the day to talk about gun control.  It’s a policy issue.  That’s what they said.  And we can have policy discussions whenever we want.  Now’s not the time.  We can have that discussion tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day.  Maybe the day after that?  When?  When 100 more are dead?  A thousand? Ten Thousand?

Today’s shooting in Connecticut is the second deadliest school shooting in American history.  The second worst. Only the massacre at Virginia Tech was deadlier. Think about the mass shooting tragedies that have come before.  Oregon, Aurora, Texas A&M, Oak Creek, Oakland, Tuscon, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Columbine.  If I named them all, there’s no way you’d get through this blog post.  At the same time, not naming them doesn’t serve the families of everyone lost because of mindless violence.

I say mindless because it’s is.  It’s incomprehensible.  There is no justification for the loss of life.  But it’s not just the mind of the individual.  It’s the mind of the collective.

A couple nights ago, talking with Pierce Morgan, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani suggested that if everyone in the mall in Oregon had been armed then the mass shooting there wouldn’t have occurred.  But when does that stop?

Do we arm 8 year olds in school?  Do we place metal detectors and turnstiles in every school?  Do we place snipers on the roof?  What level of guns will stop the violence.  When are there enough guns?

Ninety out of every 100 Americans has a gun.  That’s not enough.  Will 95 be enough?  98?  100?  Does everyone need to be carrying a gun at all times in order to eliminate gun deaths?

Think about the utter idiocy of that statement.  Think about it.  Consider how utterly hopelessly moronic you must be if you agree with it.

Next you’ll say that we just need to get guns away from crazy people. But how do we know who’s crazy?  Sure there are the obvious ones.  But we live in a culture that can’t help but insulate itself from mental health issues by creating stigma after stigma after unforgivable stigma simply because we’re uncomfortable with it.  And that means that the ones that crack; the ones that just hit a breaking point; the ones hit with a sudden and uncontrollable loss of hope, they don’t just go get help.  But 90 out of 100 Americans have guns.  And guns are power. And power is hope.

If only they had the power to change their circumstance.  But they do.  They do with the power of a bullet.  They do with that gun, staring at them wrapped in the aura that is the power of life and death.

They can change things.  Eliminate their problems.  Eliminate what’s hurting them.  Is it society?  Shoot them all.  Is it a parent?  Shoot them and everything they care about.  Is it a teacher? A classmate? Is it the government?  Shoot.  Switch the selector lever from safe to semi.  Squeeze that trigger.  Squeeze it again.  And again.  And Again.  And Again.  Empty the magazine.  Feel all that power that has just rushed through that tool of destruction.  Feel all that pain and anguish and hopelessness rush through the tip of your finger and into those rounds as they tumble forward, bursting into the innocent bodies.  Watch those rounds rip the life from your pain.  Watch as the blood pools and know that the pain you felt is in them now. It’s theirs.  Now turn the gun on yourself and squeeze that trigger one last time.  All the pain is gone.  All that hopelessness is gone.  Everything is black.

When do we realize that people aren’t the problem?  People have hurts.  People have pain.  People live through disappointment and heartbreak.  People live through hurt that even their closest friends can’t touch.  Guns are the problem.  Guns provide power to the hopeless. Guns provide relief form the hurt.  They pass it on to everyone else.  They pass it on to us all.  They don’t just kill the individual.  They kill all of us bit by terrifying little bit.  They rip us apart like they tear through muscle and bone.  They destroy us.  They kill our dreams.  All of our dreams.  Children who won’t grow up to be doctors.  Young lovers who won’t get a chance to grow together.  Parents who will never see their children again.

At what point do we realize the damage we do to ourselves through our own denial?  When is it enough?  There are over 1500 shootings a year in New York City.  That’s not enough. Almost 10,000 shootings a year across the U.S.?  That’s not enough.  TEN THOUSAND.  That’s not enough?

What’s enough?  Does it have to be your family?  Does it have to be your kids?  Does it have to be your husband or wife?  What does it have to be?  When do we stop?  When do we realize that one is too many.

In a nation with a volunteer military, we are not subject to the tyranny of a blind and murderous government.  The military is our militia.  They are our second amendment.  Behind them are the police.  Federal, state, municipal. Those are our militias.  That’s our second amendment.  They are us.  They are our right to bear arms.  They are our protection from tyranny.

When do we stop?  When is it enough?  The greatest nation on earth doesn’t commit suicide by stupidity.  Stop it.  Just stop it.