Endocrine Changes

I wish I could just sit at home and easily test my endocrine system.  Instead I get to rely on signs and symptoms.  And they suck.


One of the things that happens with chemotherapy is you do a lot of damage to your endocrine system.  For those that don’t know that’s basically a whole bunch of hormones that control and regulate your body.  It’s everything from cortisol, which controls stress and to some degree anger, to Human Growth Hormone.  Which turns you into Barry Bonds.


When you do damage to the endocrine system, it can change the way your body works.  One of the things that has happened to mine is that my metabolism, which was lagging a bit thanks to the loads of cortisol I was releasing, is now unbelievably fast.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  It means that I can eat whatever I want, but it also means that no matter what I eat I am losing weight like a pro.

I’m probably down about 50 pounds from my pre-attack weight.  That’s a lot of weight to lose.  And now, fatigue is starting to set in.  Which is an interesting little side effect.  It can signify a lot of things.  Some good.  Some bad.


We you get fatigued after a very tough dose of chemo there’s a chance that some of it is just your body being tired from healing.  It’s doing a lot of work to heal the damage that chemo does to your body.  There are also bad things.  Things like adrenal fatigue.  Which is a possibility I suppose, but one without enough evidence at this point.  You’d have to do a lot of tests and stuff.


Anyway, my endocrine system has definitely been kicking my ass the last couple days.  To the point that I haven’t been able to write much.