Gun Rant Explosion

When I started off analysis as a career, it was in military intelligence.  And I was good at it.  If I hadn’t gotten sick, I probably would have stayed with it.  Knowing you’re sick with something that’s chronic and incurable changes your plans for life.  A lot.  And the best outlet for me at this point is health.  Because I’m very good at analyzing and it’s something that the medical field simply does not do enough of.


Recently we’ve been seeing these protracted and ridiculous arguments over guns.  I’ve mostly ignored it, because it’s just my twitter feed and I have better and more productive things to do than argue with people that are wrong on the internet.  You can’t fix that, all you can hope to do is educate and maybe they won’t be wrong next time.  In the long run, arguing isn’t going to solve anything.


But something has my dander up.  Something particular.  This argument that the AR-15 is somehow a protection against a potentially tyrannical government.  And from an analytical perspective, it drives me bonkers.  It’s so dumb as a concept that I just don’t know how to deal with it.


There are lot of other arguments for having an AR-15 or at least access to one that I’m willing to hear out and debate and all that other crap.  That’s the one argument that’s a full stop for me.


An AR-15 would do nothing against a tyrannical government.  Absolutely nothing.  It accomplishes nothing against the concept of modern tyranny at all.  But let’s look at the military aspect of what that AR-15 is supposed to protect you against.


This is a GBU-38 JDAM.  It’s what a plane owned by a tyrannical government is going to drop on you.




Where are you going to shoot that thing with your AR-15 that’s going to help you out?  Because I’ll tell you you’re not even going to hear it coming in.


And this is what the explosion from one of those looks like.


GBU 38 explosion


That’s taken in Iraq.  It’s not a small explosion, although it’s a pretty small picture.  But you get the point.


An AR-15 isn’t going to protect against a tyrannical government coming to take your guns.  First of all, don’t be an idiot, the government isn’t coming to take your guns.  It makes no sense for them.  Do you have any idea how much money the government is making off of groups like the NRA?  The NRA isn’t the only organization for gun rights out there.  You don’t think other groups have political wings that are lobbying and buying politicians?  Nobody is coming for your damn guns.  Calm the hell down.


My point with this is that IF you were to come against a tyrannical government in military action, you’re going to see a huge air campaign.  Because that’s the thing you can’t defend against no matter how many rifles you own.


The other thing that really gets to me about this is that modern tyranny would be constructed through economic conditions.  You would create uncertainty.  You would create wildly fluctuating values in commodities so that you could take advantage of a boom and bust cycle that you created.


You would pay the working class just enough that they can’t actively participate in the tyranny.  So they can still buy things and they can even still buy nice things.  But they can’t actively participate in what you’re doing to gain control and maintain it.


Tyranny now is easily done through economic circumstance.  That’s the honest analytical view on it.  It sounds really libertarian or even far left, but it’s not.  That’s the apolitical analytical perspective on it.


Taking your guns away to control the population doesn’t matter.  Let them spend money on guns.  Who cares?  You’re going to control the money.  Tyranny under Soviet control didn’t work because Stalin had all the guns.  It worked because he controlled the bread lines.


Tyranny under Saddam didn’t exist because people couldn’t buy cell phones.  They had them.  I had interpreters that were huge Britney Spears fans.  Which is sickening, but whatever.  That tyranny existed because the vast majority of the country did not have the economic mobility to participate in the tyranny.


You’re all missing the point.  That’s the culture change you need to see.  And if you want to talk about your AR-15 and why you like having it, I’m all ears.  Just don’t ever hit me with the protecting yourself from the government crap.  I sat in on the mission briefings. I helped create them.   The AR-15 isn’t protecting you.  It’s just getting you killed faster.  And that includes your family.  You’re not protecting anybody.