About me

I was, in a previous life, an intelligence analyst.  After getting sick and later being diagnosed with MS, I left my job in the US to come “home” to Canada for treatment.  Because the best doctor’s and hospital for MS are in Ottawa, it made things easy for me.  That was 2006.  I’ve been here receiving treatment ever since.


Since 2006 I have also worked as a journalist covering military affairs focused heavily on procurement.  I’ve also worked and continue to work in the banking industry.


Analyzing is, and will always be, my thing.  It’s how I figure out the world around me.  My brain is constantly bringing in information and locking it away whether I like it or not.  For 13 years, with minimal treatment for MS, my brain wouldn’t really do that.  I was very dependent on short term memory in order to analyze anything.  That’s fortunately not that case anymore given recent treatments, and now I’m starting to let it loose.


Because I can’t work in the intelligence field anymore for a myriad of reasons, I’ve turned a lot of that analytic experience to health.  It’s important to me that we change how we understand disease and how we treat it.  That’s what this blog is all about.  Occasionally you will see me take on current events and analyze them.  I try to stay absolutely apolitical about this analysis.  It’s not meant to disparage anyone.


Hopefully you enjoy what you read.  If you want to reach me, you can comment and I will respond.  I almost always have my phone on me so doctors and nurses can reach me.  You can also get me on Twitter  @B_hurdis or on instagram at bhurdis.  Thanks.