Republican Party needs Zombie Reagan to build a new tent

Are we in the midst of a Republican schism 30 years in the making? It’s seems outlandish, but the internal ideological struggles of the Republican Party are nothing new.  For those old enough… Continue reading

A deficit of capital

In the last few hours of prognostication, one thing has become painfully apparent: regardless of who wins the election, they’ll have very little political capital to work with. As poll numbers have solidified… Continue reading

CDA Conference 2012

February 23 – 24 saw the Conference of Defence Association Institutes hold its annual conference on defence and security and release the institute’s 2012 Strategic Outlook for Canada. The conference, held at Ottawa’s… Continue reading

More bad news for Canada’s F-35 purchase

With the delays in the F-35 project mounting, pushing back a release date not only for the US military, but also for allied militaries who bought in, the US Air Force has implemented… Continue reading

Canadian Forces back at Winterlude for 5th year

  For the fifth year in a row, Canadian Forces will be showcasing their talents and equipment at Winterlude. Members from 8 Wing, based in Trenton; 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, from northern… Continue reading

Canadian military safe from job cuts: report

A report released by Ottawa based think tank the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives predicts that coming budget cuts from the federal government could result in the loss of up to 60,000 jobs… Continue reading

Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords announced today she is resigning her seat more than a year after the attack that nearly ended her life. After months of recovery nobody thought she would ever see a… Continue reading

The Toronto Star gets snowed

PMO denies Harper, Putin to play hockey Harper plans Putin hockey match? Nyet, PMO says – The Globe and Mail Canada News: No agreement for Harper, Putin 1972 Summit Series rematch: PMO –… Continue reading

Jamaica clearing a path – should Canada follow?

New Jamaica PM vows break with monarchy – World – CBC News. Jamaica’s new PM Portia Simpson wants to change the island country’s constitution.  She wants to break ties with the monarchy and… Continue reading

It’s a game of mistakes

More than anything else, politics is a game of mistakes.  Every candidate makes them, but the one with the least mistakes at the end is often the one that emerges victorious.  Some mistakes… Continue reading