Know thy enemy

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. For Western leaders, intelligence organizations and militaries, that’s exactly the reality they’re waking up to this morning. No doubt organizations like the CIA… Continue reading

Politics doesn’t make for a good flight plan

For months the media has beaten the dead horse that is the funding confusion surrounding Canada’s F-35 purchase. Seemingly every day there’s a different figure floating around concerning overall cost, and training.  The… Continue reading

The Drone Wars

Earlier this week, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard claimed to have captured a CIA operated UAV operating in Iranian airspace. Since then, Iran has released video and still footage of the craft, and unnamed sources… Continue reading

Missing the point on Osama

Lost in all the media shuffle of ‘what wacko can we find today that doesn’t think Bin Laden’s dead,’ is a very important question: was killing Osama Bin Laden a political decision? Obviously… Continue reading

Careful, You May Be Un-Canadian

For the last few years, we’ve been bombarded with attack ads on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. In case you didn’t know, he didn’t come back for you. Conservatives tell us so. The point… Continue reading

Why not a coalition

Michael Ignatieff announced this morning that he would not attempt to form a coalition government. For some reason, in Ignatieff’s clearly delusional mind, he thinks he can win more seats than Stephen Harper… Continue reading

Libya Protest

Last Saturday I decided to tour downtown to take some photos for my personal collection, work on the portfolio and what-not. Hitting Parliament Hill I ran into a Libya protest, and managed to… Continue reading

The In and Out scandal

I’m going to float this out there for all of you with conspiracy theories on the brain.  You can take from it what you will.  I haven’t sourced it, I can only draw… Continue reading

Space – For Andy

Shot this for Mr. Andy Pinsent. Andy was doing a story on space being at a premium at the college and we were looking for something that would show his point. I really… Continue reading

An introduction of sorts