The Importance of Analysis

Something that’s obviously very important to me is really good analysis.  To me, analysis provides a service like no other professional pursuit.  It manages to be simultaneously immeasurably valuable and inexpensive.   So… Continue reading

The Circle is Closed

Earlier this morning I closed the circle on a lot of research.   Now I’m down to working on the presentation of the information and any little things I can add to it… Continue reading

Arming Teachers is a Really Dumb Idea

I’m not going to examine this from a the typical partisan angle that you’ve heard over and over again from media sources.  We don’t need to talk about how schools are liberal bastions… Continue reading

Closing the Circle

So what I’ve mostly been working on today, when I didn’t feel the need to rant about guns, is closing the circle on the MS research before I move on to other diseases.… Continue reading

Gun Rant Explosion

When I started off analysis as a career, it was in military intelligence.  And I was good at it.  If I hadn’t gotten sick, I probably would have stayed with it.  Knowing you’re… Continue reading

Y Oh Y Is There A Y Chromosome?

That’s how I started my day.  Seeing if maybe I was wrong by looking for gene identifiers on the Y chromosome.  Since I assume that most of you are far too busy for… Continue reading

Always Researching MS

I need a brain dump, because all this information is starting to make my brain tired. Information going in is like trying to run a Ferrari on regular from the gas pump right… Continue reading

A Theory on More Things

My head is spinning again, so it has decided to solve all the problems ever created.   Let’s start off with autoimmune stuff, and particularly Lupus.   Please keep in mind that I’m… Continue reading

There’s no such thing as auto-immune

The more I work on this, the more it all comes together as a system and an understanding.  And there’s really a bottom line to all of it.  There is no such thing… Continue reading

Endocrine Changes

I wish I could just sit at home and easily test my endocrine system.  Instead I get to rely on signs and symptoms.  And they suck.   One of the things that happens… Continue reading