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A Theory on Lupus

I’m waiting to hear back from a Crohn’s patient as well, but this morning I put together a pretty solid theory on Lupus as well as a possible treatment plan.   The theory… Continue reading

Individualism vs Collectivism

Maybe only my fellow dual citizens will really understand this.  It’s one of those things where you have to have spent a considerable amount of time in both the US and another western… Continue reading

The Importance of Analysis

Something that’s obviously very important to me is really good analysis.  To me, analysis provides a service like no other professional pursuit.  It manages to be simultaneously immeasurably valuable and inexpensive.   So… Continue reading

The Circle is Closed

Earlier this morning I closed the circle on a lot of research.   Now I’m down to working on the presentation of the information and any little things I can add to it… Continue reading

Closing the Circle

So what I’ve mostly been working on today, when I didn’t feel the need to rant about guns, is closing the circle on the MS research before I move on to other diseases.… Continue reading