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Trade Wars are Good Now?

I was hoping to wake up this morning and get right to work on some more medical analysis.  And instead, I woke up to the idea that trade wars are somehow a good… Continue reading

The Opioid Crisis

The Liberals released their budget for Canada and it promises $231 million in funding for the opioid crisis over five years.  That’s a good number for Canada.  I know it doesn’t seem like… Continue reading

We’re late for our conversation on gun control

Canada and the U.S. have been simultaneously thrown into a debate on gun control thanks to recent events and the violence of 2012 as a whole.  Unfortunately, with much more pressing matters –… Continue reading

The sense and nonsense around Justin Trudeau

As the presumptive front runner in the leadership race and the crown prince of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau has rightfully attracted a lot of scrutiny and criticism.  That’s good for a leadership… Continue reading

Designing our way to a better economy

As the world continues its attempts to pull itself out of a festering economic condition, municipal, state or provincial and federal governments have sought ways to produce growth, increase revenue and simultaneously cut… Continue reading

Jamaica clearing a path – should Canada follow?

New Jamaica PM vows break with monarchy – World – CBC News. Jamaica’s new PM Portia Simpson wants to change the island country’s constitution.  She wants to break ties with the monarchy and… Continue reading