Good Trade with Kazakhstan?

We all know that President Trump isn’t a big fan of trade deficits.  That may be putting it lightly.  But today, he made an interesting statement about the economic relationship with Kazakhstan.  He… Continue reading

Some Places are Shitholes

Some places are absolute shitholes.  No doubt about that.   The statement in itself is not racist.  It’s when you apply context that it is.  Some places have historical problems.  Some places have… Continue reading

Chemo Brain?

Recently I had and interesting experience with the side effects of chemotherapy.  Most people who have gone through chemo are familiar with chemo brain.  It’s a very common side effect that impacts your… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Can Eff Off

This has to be one of the hardest days of the year.  In my experience, it’s generally not so bad. But my perspective on that has recently changed a bit.   See, for… Continue reading

Depression Sucks

Depression sucks.   For the better part of a month I’ve been fighting off some pretty hellacious depression.  Unfortunately, it has already done permanent damage to my life that I can’t undo.  It’s… Continue reading

A middle class is gun control

Yesterday I explored the efficacy of gun control laws in preventing gun related homicides.  I used statistics from 15 metropolitan statistical areas throughout the US to suggest that strict gun regulation does not… Continue reading

The economic conditions of failing gun control

For the 2006 – 2007 period covered by the US Census Bureau, New York City metropolitan area had 1212 gun related homicides while the Dallas area had 538.  Despite having very different gun… Continue reading

Gun control and America’s resistance to change

I was having a nice social media conversation with somebody considerably smarter than me, though measurably less American, about American resistance to change particularly where gun control is concerned.  It can be a… Continue reading

The math of gun unsafety

I’ve heard some interesting arguments about how guns keep us safe in the last 24 hours. But there’s one basic prevailing thought: if I have a gun, I am safer. It’s an understandable… Continue reading

When do guns break us?

The White House has said that today isn’t the day to talk about gun control.  It’s a policy issue.  That’s what they said.  And we can have policy discussions whenever we want.  Now’s… Continue reading