So Many MS Treatment Options

I didn’t really follow the massive MS community on twitter for a long time. I was fine and I really didn’t want any misplaced advice. But since I have started following a lot… Continue reading

Trump’s Gas Price Problem

This could get a bit complicated. So please just hang with me on this. 1. Trump cut emission standards on American produced cars. America still dominates the car industry. As it’s largest fulfilled… Continue reading

Hey, You’re a Liberal and That’s Ok, Idiot

For the last two decades there has been a very concerted push in the US to denigrate liberals. The push goes back longer than that, but in the last two decades it’s been… Continue reading

Why MS Needs Greater Support

I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. I went through a deployment to Iraq being almost certain I had it. I knew I had gone through a deployment to Afghanistan where I was… Continue reading

Tariffs are Dumb

When it comes down to it, there’s really little more to say than I have in my timeline. Modern economic entanglement, makes them damaging to a domestic market. Let alone what they do… Continue reading

Journalism 101

I’m writing this on my phone. So forgive the autocorrect if it gets me. One of our biggest problems, as a society, with the role journalism plays is that we don’t understand it.… Continue reading

“America is the biggest lie ever”

True story.   I felt the need to write about this at length because there are a lot of things that bother me about all of this.   Please don’t misunderstand.  I’m American.… Continue reading

Oh Ye Mighty Stem Cells

Four months removed from a stem cell transplant, there are some fun and interesting things that can happen.  Well not everything is fun.  But some of it is.   Back in November, I… Continue reading

The Division Within Autoimmune

Autoimmune diseases are often just lumped together in an attempt to categorize them.  It kinda makes sense.  They’re largely not understood.  So for medical professionals it is easier to lump them together.  They… Continue reading

Non-Linear Impacts of Tariffs

One of the things we’ve seen a lot of in the last few days is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross making the rounds on TV to argue for imposing trade tariffs.  He’s using a… Continue reading